Authentication on Application Load Balancer

AWS Cloud

Application Load Balancer now supports Authentication. You can now spend more time focusing on features improving your core values and have the load balancer take care of authenticating your users securely. Bring your own Identity Provider (IdP), use Amazon Cognito, or have authentication via Google or Facebook.

Application Load Balancer Authentication for this example is configured to allow logins from Amazon, Google, Facebook, as well as custom users, through Amazon Cognito. But there's no reason to limit yourself to one of these, through Cognito you can use other OIDC SAML IdPs.

Try it out by clicking the Login button above. You can use your Amazon, Facebook or Google account. Or you can use the demo login username 'demo' and password 'GuestUser'.

Different providers will send different data, and AWS Cognito can help map the fields from different providers into similar ones.

You can also use your own OIDC and customize what information is sent to the load balancer.

Checkout an overview of how Auth works, as well as how this site is put together here.

Read the blog post detailing Authentication and how to set it up, here.